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Now is the chance for your young artist to be a part of one of the most immersive arts and music experiences anywhere.

We are shaping young artists' futures by helping them learn the language of music. At PGMA we use movement, singing and acting techniques and piano practice to anchor music fundamentals.

Each week your young artist will participate in a two hour Saturday morning live session where they will anchor music fundamentals using movement, acting and vocal techniques. They will also engage in a mid-week live piano practice session online.

If you are serious about shaping your child's music and arts education, then this is the series for you.

The PGMA Experience

Patrick Gandy Music Academy offers an immersive music fundamentals experience that combines movement, vocal technique, acting technique and piano to introduce young artists to the creative and performing arts. Typically, our offerings are only available through conservatory training. Now available through PGMA.

Who Is Patrick Gandy?

Patrick Gandy’s experience as a pianist, composer, orchestrator, producer, accompanist, collaborator, conductor, and musical director makes use of all of the skillsets offered in our music fundamentals immersion classes. While scoring a movie, or composing for a television show, conducting the orchestra on a recording, composing and collaborating on a new work, playing recording sessions, and even accompanying dance classes, he has used these techniques throughout his creative and performing arts career. Through PGMA, you can learn from his experiences and the experiences of his multi-talented team, Diana Kavilis and Jeffrey Polk.

What To Expect

Patrick Gandy Music Academy is accepting students ages 9-19 into its two twelve week music fundamentals immersion programs.  Our unique system uses singing, movement, and acting as essential tools in helping the mind learn and retain the fundamentals of music. It is our unique approach to learning and retention that makes our program second to none.  

We offer Music Fundamentals I and Music Fundamentals II. No music education opportunity is complete without an understanding of how to play the piano, vocal instruction, movement, and developing the appropriate artistic mindset utilizing acting techniques. We combine all four of these techniques into our training so that your young artist has a truly immersive experience.

Two 12 Week Immersive Music Fundamentals Classes


-Extraordinary personal experience


-Earn the ability to read music

-Speak the language of music intelligently

-Weekly group piano practice sessions

-Guest teaching artists

PGMA Saturday Morning

-This is our favorite part of PGMA

-Weekly live two hour lesson designed to solidify assignments

-Local young artists can join us in person or on camera

-All young artists can join us virtually from anywhere in the world to learn and share in our creative environment

PGMA Monthly Concerts

-Each month, two live concerts will take place featuring various artists.

-As a PGMA member, you get access to each of these concerts either in-person or via live stream.

Team Of World Class Artists

Your young artist will be trained by some of the best in the business. Click their bios below to learn more about each of our teacher's world class music and arts experience.

Patrick Gandy

Jeffrey Polk

Diana Kavilis

What gives PGMA shine, brilliance and excitement is our unique mix of movement, voice and acting techniques to cement music fundamentals in the brain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What age does my child need to be to participate in the program?

Ages 9 - 19.

Will I need to provide my own instrument/equipment?

Yes, your young artist will need access to a keyboard or piano to practice his/her lessons and a computer with Internet access to Zoom into each session.

Where are the classes held?

On Zoom, in the comfort of your home, or you can participate with us live in Orange County, California. Studio details to come.

What are the dates and times of the program?

The Saturday Morning Live classes are weekly from 9-11AM Pacific Time. Sessions will begin in January 2024.

What is the length of the program and how long is each class?

Music Fundamentals Immersion I and II are each 12 weeks with a short break in between. The SML classes are live for 2 hours. The weekly piano practices are 30-45 minutes each.

What is the process?

On Sunday, students will receive their weekly lessons. Your young artist will have the chance to practice and review. We put it on its feet on Saturday. You’ll learn it.

Can I make payments?

Yes, payment plans are available.

 Do the teachers teach my child how to read music?

Yes! You will learn to read music, you will learn movement, acting, and young artists will learn proper vocal technique.

If our schedule changes, how can my child make up the material that was missed?

You will have access to all of the material online, inculding videos.

What is the refund policy?

If your first SML isn’t informative, challenging and exhilarating, you can request a refund for 7 days following that first Saturday Morning Live session.

Will my child need to participate in every aspect of the program?

Yes, immersion is absolutely non negotiable for our program

How does PGMA differ from other music programs?

We are a group of artist teachers whose experiences range the entertainment spectrum. We are unique in that we have written for all different types of artists, we have danced and sung on Broadway and we have written music for television and motion pictures.

How much practice should my child do outside of the scheduled curriculum?

They should read and practice their lessons daily.

Can we meet the teachers before the program begins?

We suggest you look at their work online.

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How long will it take to learn an instrument and read music?

Your young artist will learn to read music on the very first day. They will learn to sing these pitches and place their hands appropriately on the piano. 

Learn more about or program and our excitement to bring our brand of music education to young artists. We strive to inspire and provide an experience second to none.

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